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Product Description:

The 8341CA-6 Jammer can block almost all cell phone frequencies,including GSM,CDMA,DCS,3G,4G.Moreover,you can select it to jam the WiFi ,GPS against car tracking,or the UHF/VHF against camera spying,cheating in the examination.Thus this jammer can be used in the school examination room,court,hospital and office etc.The radius of the jammer is in the range of 2-50 meters depending on the communication signal strength.With a high heat dissipation performance,it can work for a long time stablely.


Powerful output

Widest frequency range with 6 bands

Large jamming radius up to 50 meters


Frequencies Supported:

CDMA (870-880MHz)

GSM (930-960MHz)

DCS/PHS (1805-1918MHz)

3G/4G (2010-2145MHz)

315 MHz or 433 MHz

VHF (135-174 MHz) 

UHF (400-470MHz)

GPS (1570-1580MHz) 

WIFI 2.4G (2400-2500MHz)

Please note that the jammer is only available to jam up to 6 defferent frequencies mentioned above at the same time.

Working Radius: 2-50 meters (depending on the signal strength in the given area)

Power Supply: AC power adapter

Dimensions Of Device: 140x50x305mm

Weight Of Product: 2.7kg

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